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(This is for those brave souls who like reading and want a little more details about our vision.) 

How do we heal culture, bring people all over the world to Jesus, help the poor, and bring spiritual renewal to the church? Is there a single tool that will do all that?

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Yes! Stories. Movies. TV. Streaming. God has already given us what might well be the most powerful tool anyone could ever have, that, if used properly, could help restore wholeness to culture, empower the church, bring back our young people and reach the difficult nations of the world. Sadly, few Christians have any idea what to do and churches can’t see their potential. 

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At Creation Point Media & Ministries we want to start a storytelling revolution by training students at locations scatted throughout North America, by creating films and TV shows of our own, and by empowering churches to become partners in film productions – for with churches providing free locations and extras, and media professionals providing production excellence, we can create amazing films at a greatly reduced cost. In this way, churches will become the storytellers to the nations.


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“WHY?” – the most important question in the universe! 

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The Universal Solution


Just Imagine What We Can Do

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