About Creation Point Ministries 

Movies are watched all over the world. Movies changes minds, stir hearts and wake people to new ideas. Although Christians consume movies just like everyone else, we don’t know how to use them for the cause of Christ. It is the most powerful tool ever created for evangelism, teaching and cultural change – but we know so little about it. At Creation Point Ministries we seek to change that. We see a time when thousands of Christians are trained in the mass media, hundreds of churches and/or groups are making movies with a Christian worldview, and God-honoring films are everywhere – in theaters, on Netflix and on TV – impacting culture and changing the world.

We seek to build a faith-based film school in Vancouver where we train young people to make movies with redemptive story lines. Then we’ll help churches become more effective by training pastors and leaders in story and media and equipping those churches to tell stories and even create movies. In addition, we’ll discover and work with the most effective organizations to spread the gospel and alleviate poverty, become a haven for Christian artists, and partner with other production companies to help build an infrastructure that could prepare the way for long term social and spiritual change.

These goals may seem lofty and difficult, but we're starting out by working on some smaller and practical things. For example, I am already teaching two high school movie making courses. These are called level 1 and level 2. The level 1 is more introductory filmmaking skills and the level 2 is a little bit more advanced, although students can come into either of these levels without taking a previous one.

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About the teacher - John Martens

John Martens has lived in over thirty places, including Paraguay, three Canadian Provinces and two American States. He has a PhD in physics and a degree in Biblical studies. John has been a scientist, pastor, youth worker and school teacher. He has preached over five-hundred sermons, and has written ten screenplays. 

The last leg of his journey took him to Vancouver, Canada where he worked on starting a new church. In that venture, he brought in over twenty teams from more than a dozen US states. These teams served the community in everything from camps to clubs to concerts. They also ran an extensive youth ministry that brought in over seven-hundred teenagers over a ten year period. Most of these teens were not from a Christian background. They also ran a dozen different movie camps for over three-hundred young people. John and his team were trying to do all they could to reach people for Christ.

In addition to organizing all of this, he also wrote and produced a feature-length film. Over a dozen churches and three-hundred people volunteered to help with the filming. In fact, Christians and non-Christians let them use their houses, cars and buildings. They were even given two airplanes to use. When the movie was done, they held a red carpet premiere. 





Our hearts are broken for the many issues facing our planet, including hunger, injustice, racial strife, war, persecution, poverty, the sex/slave trade, ignorance, mental health, the environment, and the mistreatment of animals. 


In addition, we are deeply concerned about the dangerous breakdown of the values and virtues that are needed to sustain a safe and happy civilization. Virtues like honesty, good manners, a value for life, a respect for property, and a willingness to engage in civil discourse.


Some might think these problems are too great or too complex to solve, but we believe that solutions to most of these issues will be found once there is worldwide growth of passionate, wise and grace-filled Christianity.


The most effective and fastest way to influence culture and spread Christian ideas around the world is through stories.


In addition, we build our view of reality and our ideas of morality largely through stories. Someone once said, “next to food and drink, our greatest need is storytelling.”


We are working on a project that integrates churches, movie companies and financial partners, to create many quality films with Christian worldviews in a short time and at an astonishingly low cost.


We are working on a project that integrates churches, movie companies and financial partners, to create many quality films with Christian worldviews in a short time and at an astonishingly low cost.