Can one person

change the world? 

Young people have always wanted to change the world. That's what the 60's were all about. They were tired of wars and corruption. They wanted everyone to sing and dance and be cool. The problems was they did not know how to change the world or what to change the world "to". And sadly, in the end, they could not even change themselves. They were "all show and no go."


But we believe that one person can in fact make a profound difference. And we train young people to do just that. We help them see the real problems and how to solve them. We teach them secrets, equip them with the weapons, and give them the power to change people, including themselves.

What are the secrets?

Well, we won't tell you all of them right away. That would be giving away the store. But we'll give you a big one for free. We believe that if we change the stories our culture is exposed to, we will change our culture. The great thinker and teacher, Plato (~400 BC) once said, "Those who tell the stories rule society." And it's true. Stories move people. They sneak past our defenses and lodge in our hearts. If this was true in 400 BC, it is far truer today: in our culture, people consume stories at a record rate. We don't believe something could be real until we see it on a screen. So if we want to change the world we must learn how to tell better stories and find ways to get those stories to screens - from tiny to big - all over the world. 


That's what Creation Point Ministries is all about. We're here to help Christians use visual media to tell better and more compelling stories thus helping them build a healthy worldview through stories.  

What do we believe?

  • We believe that there is a God who wants to help us make the world a better place.

  • We believe that as more and more people follow Jesus, we will collectively have more wisdom and power to solve even the greatest problems we now face. 

  • We believe that God can give us an inner presence to overcome the selfishness & ignorance that corrupt us all. 

  • And we believe that you can make a difference... we'll help you do it. Just drop a dime or send us an email and we'll show you how. 

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