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Image by Cristina Gottardi


Plato once said, Those who tell the stories, rule society. What he meant was that the commonly shared stories – the type of stories that everyone listens to – form a sort of grid, or set of beliefs, thereby defining right and wrong for the masses. Today, movies are those shared stories. When we see a trait over and over again in different stories, it becomes “reified”, or accepted, in our culture. That means that if we want to save our culture, we must get involved in making movies. If we don’t take an active role in rebuilding our culture, we should not be surprised if it soon crushes the church. 


As we’re working on our stories, we constantly seek to incorporate elements that will rebuild and heal our wounded culture. People have been lied to (for long enough) about what brings about happiness, health and wealth. We seek to tell the truth. Whether we’re making a “no budget” or a feature film, we’ll seek to include culture building elements. We’ll also try to focus on a few traits that we see as essential to the preservation of civilization. 


Imagine with us, what if we could make “hard work” or “honesty” traits that people once again value? (And yes, movies can do that!). We believe that a stronger man forgives, while a weaker man holds a grudge. But who makes movies about that? We do! For that matter, the second feature film we plan to make will cover that very virtue. (And how essential that is today!) 


As always, the key to being effective in this area is to create amazing stories that everyone wants to see. That way we can have a country-wide, indeed, worldwide impact.

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