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Our curriculum is divided into three parts: worldview, storytelling, and moviemaking.

Image by Noom Peerapong
Image by Saketh Garuda
Image by Louis Maniquet
Image by Melanie Deziel

The worldview component helps students discover just how unique and beautiful Christianity is and gives them the courage and conviction to place Christian principles in their movies. 

A mortal weakness of many films is the lack of structure, power, and humor in their stories. Hence the need for training in storytelling. We help our students understand why storytelling works and how to tell better stories.

The third aspect of our curriculum is training in practical filmmaking – whether using a Samsung cell phone or an Arri Alexa.

Developing such a unique and diverse curriculum was not easy. At the start of our ministry, John poured the better part of 2 years into this massive task so that we would have a solid foundation upon which to build. This material will be used to train churches, youth groups, high school students, and college-aged students.  

If you want to gain more insight into John’s background and into our curriculum, take a look at the following three videos. Each is less than 2 minutes long.

Click on each of the buttons to view the videos.

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