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We dream that 10 years from now we’ll be:

Producing 10 films a year (alone or in partnerships).

Operating 10 brick and mortar schools in 10 different locations.

Training 1000 students a year through our schools.

Involving 10,000 churches in various ways.

The future is the simplest part of our lives … because it’s the part that we know the least about. We can neither predict nor control the future, but we can plan, pray and work hard toward achieving the things that God has put on our hearts.

In the future we expect to be doing many of the same things we are doing now, plus adding a few huge items. The items on the following timeline may seem distant, but with the right resources, we’ll be doing those things in no time.

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For more info go to Mission/Vision page.

Future Suff


Once we have proven ourselves by creating many short films, our partners will be excited to help us finance bigger projects, like feature length films and TV shows. We plan to carry out these productions with the help of our students, in collaboration with other production companies, and together with groups of local churches. The likes of what we will be able to accomplish with our model has never been seen before. Within 10 years, we believe that we can be involved in 10 productions every year.


Once we are making our larger movie projects, we’ll also be able to get the attention of many young people who will be excited about working with us and being trained by us. That means that wherever we partner up with local groups and churches to create a film or TV show, we’ll also be setting up a local film school. What will these film schools look like? We expect that each one will be unique. Some might be located in churches that have room to spare. Others will have their own buildings, which we will modify with an artistic flair. And some might be located right in one of our film studios. In addition to the local brick & mortar schools, we will share resources and teachers between the schools, and obviously, we will also have a worldwide virtual training school. What will students learn at our schools? First, they will learn worldview. They will understand the power and uniqueness of the Christian faith. This will give them the heart and courage to incorporate a Christian worldview into the films they make. Second, they will learn all about storytelling. They’ll see why stories work and how they change lives. Then they’ll practice all types of storytelling. And finally, they will use this solid foundation to make movies – be that with cell phones or Hollywood equipment. All our students will work on productions with us. They will also be mentored and coached. And they will meet people and network. Our goal is that 100% of our graduates end up involved in filmmaking. Within 10 years, we would like to see 1000 new students registering in our schools every year.


We’re starting off in Vancouver, Canada. We’d like to make 2 films there before moving on. But Vancouver is only the beginning. We expect to establish a solid work in Vancouver – discover and train some new leaders – and then move to our second location. With the proper resources, this could take less than 2 years. At this time, we have Georgia in our sights for our second location. We will make films and establish a school there. And then what? Where do we go from there? You let us know. Maybe your hometown. We can’t wait!


We love the local church and one of our big goals is to work closely with churches to help them become more effective and even develop their own movie ministry. There are a lot of ways that we can bless a local church. We can communicate with them, encourage them, and provide them with prayer resources. We can provide them movies to share with their congregation. We can run media camps, train their youth, encourage their leadership, and even work on a film project. Within 10 years, we want to be working with at least 10,000 churches on a regular basis.

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