As you help us with our smaller project, you will also help us move closer to the production of a feature film right here in Metro Vancouver (and then beyond).

There are many ways you can help.


We need $30,000-$50,000 to create our first set of micro movies. Remember all gifts from the USA or Canada are tax-deductible.

Or attend one of our fun-raisers.

If you seek to invest in the feature films, send us an email.


Do you have a house, land, barn, warehouse, church, or office space we could use for shooting? Even a musty old basement could come in handy. Having a great location can make our movie look so much better and save us a lot of money.

Cast or crew

Would you like to learn how to help with crew or even be an extra?


Let us know if you have a few hours a week you could volunteer in the “office” (we have no office, but you know what I mean).

Other Stuff

Can you sew costumes, deliver food during filming days, or help us find props? There are literally dozens of ways you (or your church) can help us. Check out the form below to see where you might be able to contribute.


How can you support us

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