do we need

another hybrid?

Who doesn't love a hybrid - or even a Yugo - as long as it saves money at the pumps and helps the environment? Well, we think you'll love our hybrid media course just as much as your Prius (or BMW Hybrid Trike) not because it will save on petrol, but because it might help to save the planet. How's that? Glad you asked.


In order to save this world, we'll need an army of young people who are passionate enough to make an impact and smart enough to know what to do. That's what CPM is all about. We prepare, train, and equip young people. But this training will take time. That's why we want to be a college alternative. We want to build a training center for revolutionaries. Unfortunately, by the time High School is over, too many young people are on a path where they might have very little impact on the world. Some will even waste those college years.  We want to catch as many young people as we can BEFORE they have chosen a life path and we want to start a fire in their souls that just won't go out. 

but what is a

"hybrid" media course?

This course targets students at the high school level. It was initially designed to be taught both online and hand's on - hence the title "hybrid". However, now we have revamped it so it can be taught entirely in a classroom setting, but we've kept the title because we think it's cool. 


This course covers 3 big topics:


(i) Worldviews - what are they, where do they come from, and how do they rule our feelings and behaviour? In this section, the students will dig deeper into Christian truths but also be exposed to other worldviews.

(ii) Stories - how stories form our worldviews, often without our conscious knowledge.


These first two sections are taught in an academic fashion.


(iii) The third section (which is about half of the course) is comprised of hands-on media training. Using only their own cell phones, students will learn to take cinematic pictures and then use those pictures to tell stories.


This course effectively introduces students to film making without requiring any equipment. After taking this course, students will realize that no matter what equipment they may have, they can create inspiring stories that can be seen around the world. 

academic stuff

for smart/curious people

This course took over a year to write. It contains 417 pages of teacher's notes, 22 teaching videos and a wide array of teaching aides including hundreds of pages of students notes, crossword puzzles, Kahoot games, quizzes, a detailed marking scheme and much more. It is designed so that it can be taught by teachers with very limited video experience and contains everything a teacher will need. It's ready to taken out of the box and plugged in immediately.


In a school setting this course would equate to a 3 or 4 credit course with 125 hours of classroom/practicum work. This course is ideal for Christian Schools and home school students but could easily be used by youth groups or even by missionaries overseas. All you need is a cell phone and internet access. 

and For tea drinkers only

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