Even as we were finishing this course, it was already being used by one of our partners, Walton Country Christian Learning Center, located in Georgia (USA). The reception has been nothing short of amazing. Don't take my word for it. Read this testimonial email to us from an observer: 


I wanted to let you know that I had the privilege to sit in one of the classes with Dwayne and his amazing students. There are 27 to 30 students in 3 classes and they were using the curriculum developed by Creation Point Ministries. At this time they are choosing locations and writing descriptions to make a film and/or story which can be told by choosing pictures of  different places to create the story. They are also reviewing screenplay with Kahoot.


The students love the section on taking and collecting pictures for stories. They did not realize Christianity could be shared in the form of "Storytelling" through films. The class is unified and close because they work in groups encouraging and sharing with each other.  There is a great respect for each other as they listen to each others comments and suggestions.  There are no complaints about the system and each student is eager to complete the task at hand.


They are also using something called "Storyboarding" ... that is, picking some of the best  pictures/locations to tell a story involving Christianity!! They are very excited to make a film  using their own stories and sharing it with the world through technology.


What an exciting, inspiring, and fun way to be able to share Christ when you can't travel or even when you just have access to a church pew!!


As Dwayne (the teacher) and I were speaking, we were discussing the fact that in 10 years or less, "Story Telling" through film will probably be the only way to reach the ends of the Earth to save the lost through Jesus Christ. 


Lisa Samples

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