Media course?

If you love movies – and who doesn’t love movies – this is the course for you. And if you’ve ever thought of using video stories to share the message of Christ with a broken world, this is a great place to start. This course looks at movies – and the stories they contain – as a vehicle to build worldviews. This course can be divided into 3 broad parts:


#1: What is a worldview? How is it formed? What makes Christianity unique among the belief systems in the world? And what can be done to make this world a better place? These questions are important, for in order to use media to present Christianity, the filmmaker will need to know what makes Christianity unique and how it has blessed the world.


 #2: What are the secrets to a good story and what makes stories so powerful? How can we use stories to change the world and open hearts to Jesus? How do stories impact us and help to build our worldviews? 


#3: What are the elements of cinematic pictures? How does one tell a story with photographs? How does one display emotion and moods with photographs? Can we use cell phones to take cinematic pictures and form simple stories?

Each of these three parts is further broken into modules. The first 2 parts is more in line with typical classroom learning. At the core of each module are short training videos, created by CPM. In addition, there will be classroom lectures and each student will be provided a package of notes for each module, with “fill in the blank” for taking notes, as well as spaces for assignments and feedback. There will also be a lot of classroom interaction, group assignments, Kahoot games, puzzles, fun activities, and of course, quizzes. Part 3 of the course will be mostly hands-on, and taught with carefully selected YouTube videos. For this part of the course, each student will need a cell phone and a tripod. No other video equipment will be needed. This allows every student to carry what they learn beyond the course. They will learn how to take great pictures and use those pictures to tell stories. Since taking cinematic pictures is a huge part of making movies, this course will be a great first step toward filmmaking.


Throughout the course, the students will build a binder, rich with resources, notes, and photographs, and as a final project, they will create a montage of pictures that tell a story and display these for their parents and friends to view.

The material in this course is taken from a larger curriculum offered at CPM in Vancouver, Canada. The material has been modified to target High School students in such a way as to provide both depth and fun. Each of these modules can be found in a separate folder with complete teacher notes, student notes, quizzes, games, and crossword puzzles. We hope this course will inspire some of the students to pursue film as a ministry, but even those who do not will be blessed with personal growth and wisdom.  

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