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In order to receive donations from Canada and America, CPM teamed up with International Christian Mission Services. ICMS is a Canadian Christian organization that works with about 70 non-profit organizations.

At CPM we’re considering the best time to take the step of becoming our own charity in Canada. However, there is a cost of ~$5000 and additional costs to complete the annual Government paperwork and accounting that is required. Once we are able to hire some staff, we’ll take this step. But for now, we have the umbrella of ICMS.

Click on the following link to explore ICMS. You’ll find Creation Point Ministries with an easy search.

We must give an accounting to ICMS for any money that is raised through that organization. But we are also free to raise funds outside of ICMS.

Today, only a small portion of our income comes through ICMS today, but we maintain our relationships as it is a good one.

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