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One Sunday after church, a parent approached John and asked him to consider offering a movie course for home school students. At the time, he had neither the time nor the resources to do this. There was no money for promo, and he had bare-bones equipment. But sensing that this might be an important step, John accepted the challenge.

Fortunately, a lot of people pitched in to make this happen. Two homeschool moms took it upon themselves to call around and promote the course. Two churches offered their buildings. Several movie experts volunteered to help him teach. And John modified the curriculum he was developing so that it lined up with the government requirements for an accredited high school course. He developed three levels of courses, each with a mix of worldview, storytelling, and moviemaking. 

Now we’re approaching our 3rd semester of teaching high school movie classes. The students learn in the classroom, make films as a group, and on their own. The growth in our students is amazing. And these courses have opened the eyes of many teenagers and brought out ministry into the lives of dozens of local families.  

These classes, like so many of the things we have accomplished, show that we have not achieved great things simply by having resources (which we don’t) but through laser-sharp focus, much creativity, widespread cooperation, and incredibly hard work.

here are some interviews from L1 & L2 class (our 2nd year of teaching)

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