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Mission & Vision: is there a difference?

People look at these words differently, but here is how we see them. Take a look at the timeline below.


Let's say you are building a house, but you only have a set of rough sketches and a great big dream. That’s a dream. Then you set a date: That’s a vision. It might take you a few years with hard work and a lot of persistence, but you’ll get that house built. The vision is how you see the house when it is completed.


The same applies in other fields as well. Wherever you are today, a vision is something you hope to have achieved or accomplished by a certain date. On the timeline, the vision is what your life will be like at that time. This is vision. It’s time sensitive. It’s a goal. It’s measurable.


Here are 3 examples: 

In 3 years, we will live in our dream house. 
By 2040 we’ll have sold a million widgets. 
In 10 years, I will be married.  
In 5 years, I’ll own 2 taco trucks.

Your vision should be grand and motivating. People should catch it and be excited about it. You might or might not achieve your vision. After a while you might revise your vision.


Even if your vision changes, your mission should stay the same. A mission is your task, what you do day by day.


You sell the best shoes on the market.

You entertain families with funny songs.

You make the hottest mustard in town.


A mission is what you carry out. It’s your day to day. It’s what you strive to be. And if you can achieve the challenges of your mission, you will probably reach your vision.

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