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Our next big goal is to create dozens of minimovies, each one from 2 – 10 minutes
in length, and each one integrating churches, volunteers, and Hollywood
professionals. Why make minimovies? Several reasons:

1/ Short films cost a lot less and take less time than full-length films.
2/ We can make more of them with more variety and in a shorter time.
3/ The risk for any one film is less.
4/ Each completed minimovie will show our partners that we finish what we start – including movies!
5/ These short films give us time to assemble teams and create relationships.
6/ Each new minimovie will testify to our abilities to tell highly creative stories.
7/ With each vignette we produce, we’ll demonstrate a different craft or specialty
that we’ll need when we’re ready to make bigger movies. For example:

                       Digital Special Effects (SFX)             Practical Special Effects

                       Stunts                                                 Pyrotechnics (Fire)         

                       The building of elaborate sets        Virtual backgrounds (Mars etc.)
                       Using music to move people

8/ And with each short project we work on, we will seek to organically integrate a
Christian value, virtue, or teaching. Sometimes we will focus on a virtue like
forgiveness. At other times one of the characters will be a Christian. The message
might be subtle or more obvious, but we’ll always seek to “seed” our films with a
Christian worldview.

Under the following buttons, you’ll find notes about a few of the many short film
projects on our docket. The costs and details are rough estimates. Our desire is to be working on a different project every month.


What are we waiting for? You!

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