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Image by Denise Jans


Movies are everything today. Stories change minds, stir hearts, and awaken people to new ideas. Young people today won’t believe something unless they see it on TV. People even get their “history” from films. It could be argued that movies are the most powerful method of teaching, evangelism, and culture change ever invented. Nothing else even comes close.


That’s why we are all about creating film content of all types and sizes. Here is a partial list of various types of films we’ll work on. The films on the left side are “easier” and often shorter. We’ll start from the left, build our experience – spending carefully – and prove ourselves, so our supporters trust us in our moves to the “harder” stuff.

Student Films
(~2-5 min)


Hollywood Quality Shorts
(2-10 min)

TV Shows for Streaming
(~40 min each)


No Budget Films
(~1-10 min)

Episodic Shows for Youtube
(5-15 min each)

Feature Films
(1-2 hours)

When will we start making stuff? 
We’re already started. Even with minimal resources, we’ve already created ~50 short films. Look at the following video. 
(And thanks to one of our interns for creating the cool opening logo. We’re almost like Marvel Studios)


What makes our stories unique? 
There are three things we desire in all our films: creativity, a well told story, and some element of a Christian worldview. 

What is a Christian worldview? And how does one find it in a movie? Good questions. And it’s a question that John, our founder, has done a lot of thinking about that. Contact us and we’ll send a video describing 10 different ways a movie can incorporate a Christian worldview. Or continue to search this web site, and you might just find that video here somewhere.


Where do we go from here?  
If you look at the six different types of movies, you’ll see that there are three “bunches”.  We’ll always be making the two types on the left, but right now we’d like to build a library of films from the middle 2 areas. When we have a basket of great movies made with Hollywood quality, we’ll start reaching for the next challenge, TV shows and feature length movies.


What is the limit? 
Once we are making TV shows and feature length films, what is our limit? If we were working by ourselves, we might be able to make a single movie, or one TV show a year. But the need is too big for us to do it all alone. That’s why we’ll work with dozens of production partners, train thousands of students, and empower hundreds of churches. Many of these will also create content. That is how we’ll achieve our vision.


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