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A big part of our dream is to train and empower churches to become storytellers to the world. We believe that every church should have its own movie ministry. This could be something as “small” as targeted prayer for the movie industry, or something more tangible like having the youth group produce a 10-minute story every year, or even something huge like partnering with other churches in their community to create a feature film once every three years. Stories told via movies, TV or streaming are such powerful tools that we ignore them to our peril.

All that may seem like an ambitious goal. How do we get started down this path? We believe the first step is inspiration. We need to help church leaders see how making a movie can bless their church, unite their community, and even help them achieve their wildest dreams for God’s kingdom – dreams they may have given up as impossible.

To this end, we created two very simple 6-minute videos. As usual, we had zero money to make this happen. John wrote the script. Then we created a darkroom in our church’s nursery, brought in several of our friends, and used a laptop as a teleprompter. In the future, we’ll not only remake these videos but also create even better tools to inspire churches. The best way will be to create a movie in partnership with a few churches – but that’s a way off, so for now, we’ll start with what we can do.

Check out these two videos.

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