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Creation Point Ministries may have started as an idea - a single light - that God placed in a single person at a single location, but it is fast growing into a network of groups, churches, individuals and businesses, all committed to using the power of movies, TV and the arts to make the world a better place by encouraging and honoring virtues (like love, kindness and good manners) and by drawing people closer to Jesus (which will solve most of our problems). In time, we'll share more about many of these organizations, but for now we wanted to at mention as many as possible. 

ICms (abbotsford, BC)

International Christian Ministry Services is our umbrella for the government (both Canadian and US). It is the organization you give through if you want a tax receipt (equally useable in Canada or the USA.)

Here is the legal language: Creation Point Ministries complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with International Christian Mission Services. ICMS has direction and control of the resources donated to ICMS on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work that we do.   

FBC (monroe, ga)

First Baptist Church of Monroe Georgia is a "Gold Star!" mission partners who helped us get started. Without their help CPM would still be just an idea. 


Walton County Christian Learning Center is also located in the state of Georgia. They bring in students from secular high school and teach them Christian courses. These courses are accredited by the government. WCCLC was the first to use our hybrid media course and already we're inspiring teenagers to change the world.

Click here for a first hand testimonial: 

colleen findlAy foundation

From the terrifying murder of a dearly loved wife and mother grew a foundation focused on helping teenagers before they get into trouble and harm others. The CFF freely let us use their building for our first media camp and wants to partners further with us in the future. 

burnett fellowship 

We're here to help local churches but local churches can also help us. Burnett Fellowship in Maple Ridge has already been a big help. More information will be upcoming!

company (in process)

An international publicly trading company is considering making us their ministry partner in Canada. More information will be upcoming as soon as we can release it. Pray for this to work out. 

individual patrons

Some individuals give $50 a month - some do much more -  but together these precious souls form a concert of glowing lights and provide fire and life for CPM. Some of our patrons don't want to be named, and since it is awkward to name a few and leave some unnamed, we'll just leave it at that ... for now ... at least until we figure out how and what to share with everyone. 


There are two men who are taking extraordinary measure to promote CPM all over the world: Jeff Prine is from Georgia and Yuk Hing Kong from Vancouver. While's Jeff's day job is managing construction of large buildings like schools and hotels, his passion is Missions. Jeff is heading up the Mission Program of First Baptist Church of Monroe Georgia for over 13 years. He is now focusing his mission efforts on CPM, seeking to find connections and resources. Kong is an international pastor, who travels the world and has great access to Chinese Christians and wealthy businessmen. On his last trip to Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China he spread the word about our ministry. No doubt, this is a world shaking venture: and these men are some of the first to see it. 

warriors (of the prayer kind)

Oh yes, we believe in prayer. In a sense you provide the foundation we build up. Prayer keeps us steady. It gives us strength. There are dozens of people committed to praying for us on a daily basis. More information to follow. 

What about you? 

All these people and groups realize that in order to really change people we'll need to bring them stories. And to get those stories to people we'll need to use the mass media. Movies. TV. YouTube. That's where it's at. This is where people are getting their inner "food" today. And if you want to be part of something that will feed billions of people all over the world, just get involved. Be part of our network. Take action. Click below. And pass the frosted flakes. 


If you want to become a Prayer Warrior or just want some more information, please email us and tell us how you want to be contacted: we'll call/email/smoke-signal you right back. 

(You can also message us on our Facebook page.)

If you want to learn about giving, click the link before and blessings will rain down upon you. 


If you want to learn more

about giving, click here. 

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