Image by Mikołaj

Ongoing media classes

In Sept 2021, we will be starting our 3rd year of media classes aimed at Homeschooled High School students. We’ve included a longer explanation and several videos on the page in our “Past”. [Click here to go there.]

This year we’ll be offering Level 3. This is brand new material. We’ll have students returning for their third year with us, and also some new students. As always, the students will learn more about worldview, storytelling, and get a ton of hands-on moviemaking experience.

Here are a couple of pictures from the past few classes. We’ve included some quotes from students, parents, and volunteers. As you can see, our classes are life-changing, and unlike anything else found anywhere else in the world. (You want these courses taught in your area? So do we!)

We use a screen to see what the camera sees. Notice the blue lines. This shows where the camera is focused.

Our very first class after a video shoot.

1st year students practicing “Just Coffee.”

Students working on writing their own scripts. We create a relaxed but hard working atmosphere.

2nd year students working on an outdoor shot of “The Weak Ones.”

The 1st day of classes for 2nd year students. Notice some parents in the background.

When we shoot a video, everyone has a job.

Students working their way through the worldview curriculum. Here we are in the Old Testament.

This is the other side of the same table!

One of the second year students gets to help a first year student with some basic camera stuff.

“This course has been a life-changer for me.”
- Student