god-sized projects

Maybe you dream big - really big. You would like to see change happening right now. You want to "go for the gold" and see God move in amazing ways in a very short time. If this is you, then we'd love to chat. We also think big. We have some big plans too but we can't do them because we just don't have the resources. So we continue to do the small stuff even while we pray for God to answer in a big way. Maybe you are that answer. 

3 year basic budget     $600,000

If we had this money we would have sufficient funds to carry out o3-yearear launch plan. We'd be able to pay salaries, hire some great workers, make some short videos, continue fundraising, work with local churches, and start taking on students. In a short time, we'd be impacting the world. 

2 million dollars

With these funds, we would start things in a different fashion. With 1 million we'd still do all the basic stuff in our 3-year plan to start the school. In addition, we'd work on writing and producing a 1 million dollar feature film. This would greatly enhance our ability to draw in students, teachers, and churches. It would literally "put us on the map!"  

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