junior Bear projects

You'd like to help out. You're excited about the ideas of walking with us. But you're still unsure of your first steps. Below are some small (but also important) things you can help us with. 

a new slate        $30

A slate is used to match the sound to the video and mark each shot so it can easily be located. We need a new slate. Ours is literally falling apart. 


About $20 covers our mailing costs for a month. Some of our prayer partners still have no email and get their monthly update via the post. You can help us keep them in the loop. 

stamps & envelopes    $20

SD cards           $30

These tiny little memory cards are used by cameras and sound recorders alike. We need several of these. We have only one at this time. 

printing ink     $30

Our printers love ink. And it's not cheap. We have 2 printers and try to print in B&W whenever possible. This keeps our ink costs to about $30 per month. If you cover this for a month that's a big deal. 

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