mama bear projects

A mama bear is one who does whatever needs to be done to protect the family. When there are needs, the Mama Bear takes care of them. Below are some of our needs. These needs are smaller than the Papa Bear needs but are important none the less. We need someone to step and make sure we can continue to be healthy and safe.  Maybe that's you!


We finished the first draft of our hybrid media course. It has over 400 pages of notes and 20+ teaching videos. But to get this done, we needed to pay some extra for video editors. Please help us mop up these costs. 


story videos          $2,000 (each)

We're planning to create some short (5 min) video stories. Some are personal stories. Others are mini-movies. These will not only show churches what can be done, but also help promote our work. Each video will be done with excellence and could take a few months to plan, shoot and edit. There may be travel, set up, locations and editing. We have 3 planned right now. 

video monitor         $500

When professionals shoot a video, they will watch it on a separate monitor. We had one but it mysteriously stopped working. It is no longer on warranty. 

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