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The Bear-Cave

Here are some BIG and TOUGH projects for those of you ready to take on a big challenge. This is great for individuals who have everything, including their own Bear Cave (see above). Churches or small groups can also take on one of these projects. If you want to take on the commitment of adoption one of these bigger projects, feel free to pay for it over a period of a year. We like people of commitment. 

2019 media camp             $10,000

The summer camp is a big deal. And this will be the first time we're focusing on young people in local churches. We need to plan (and pay) teachers ahead of time and get all the supplies ready. It will be a big relief to know that this is covered. 

An assistant    $30,000

One of our biggest needs is a regular (full time) assistant to help with everything from coordinating events to teaching camps and even producing videos. $30,000 would cover one year's salary. To the right are pictures of three of our temporary workers.

equipment       $25,000

We have one complete set of movie-making equipment. To run camps and teach effectively, we'll need more than one set. A camera and lenses, microphone and lights, monitor, C-clamps, hard drives, and editing computer costs about 25,000.

Support - John   $30,000

John can't do his job without support. He's committed himself to this work, but he needs your help. Help us out one year at a time or (even better) promise the support year by year. 

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