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General information about giving to CPM in Canada.

- Creation Point Ministries is a registered Canadian non-profit corporation that is accountable to our board (Click here for more).

- To facilitate our work, we cooperate with various ministry partners. International Christian Missions Services (ICMS) is one such partner.


- US churches can send checks directly to CPM in Canada. Please email us and we’ll provide you an address.

- Canadian church and individual (who wants a Canadian tax receipt) should give through ICMS. 

- Working with ICMS allows us to receive charitable giving through them. Funds given to ICMS will be passed on to CPM.

- We expect to form our own Canadian charity as soon as we have the staff to handle the extra annual paperwork.

- Our goal is to acknowledge all gifts received through ICMS within 1 month of receiving them. (The time delay reflects the delay in ICMS informing us of the gift.) 

- If you wish to set up direct deposit from your bank account, please let us know and we’ll send you the forms to set that up with your bank.


- Here is the statement ICMS asks us to post on our giving page:

Creation Point Ministries complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with International Christian Mission Services.  ICMS has direction and control of the resources donated to ICMS on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work we do.


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