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Image by Andrew Neel

Student Solo Projects

Every student in one of our home school courses is asked to create at least one of their own videos. Sometimes we ask them to come up with projects that follow a certain theme.  For these solo projects, the student will come up with various ideas. Then John works with them to improve those ideas and make them filmable. After both student and teacher are happy with the script, the student will film and edit the micro movie with whatever equipment they have at home, even if that is only a cell phone.

Of the two dozen or so solo films created our students in the past 2 years, we’ll show you two.

“The Gift” (by Elijah)

When Elijah came to us, he had already created a few of his own short videos, but for our class, he took it to another level. He hooked up his camera to a drone and did some crazy stunts by sitting on a dangerous bridge. Wow! (By the way, we did not know about this shot till it was finished!) If you are looking for future filmmakers – who will get better and better with each project – keep an eye out for this ambitious fellow.

“It's All About the Birds” (by Matthew)

Matthew created a really cool creation/evolution debate. The instructions were to tell a story that brought light to the discussion rather than heat. Matthew researched the topic extensively and built a set. He also directed and edited this video.

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