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The needs in our world are so pressing that we’ll need to develop an army of highly skilled and deeply motivated storytellers. Thus, we are looking for every possible means to train students. 


Our curriculum contains 3 big pillars.

1/ Worldview. 

Worldview is the foundation or the thinking portion of our training. Our students grow to understand their faith, see how beautiful Christianity is, and learn to answer even the most difficult questions. We want our future filmmakers to have a firm grasp of issues, be deep and powerful in their thinking, and not settle for simplistic answers to complex issues.


You can’t make powerful films if you don’t understand the worldview.

2/ Storytelling.

Stories are the tool we use to change lives. Our students will discover why stories impact us so deeply and how they change our minds and hearts. They will learn to structure a story and appreciate stories in all their forms, especially screenplays. And our students will learn to write.


No one will watch your movies if you can’t tell a great story.

3/ Moviemaking. 

This is the hands-on portion of our training. Right from Day 1, all our students get to hold the camera, work the lights, and listen to the sound. They work on group projects, individual projects, and many will also work with professional productions. 


Filmmaking skills give one the tool to tell a great story with a healthy worldview.

In which venues do we teach students?


Below we’ve listed several ways in which we’ll teach students. 
Notice that – even with our very limited funding – most of these are already underway.


1/ High school course     -- Started!     (2+ years)
2/ Training writers            -- Started!     (Summer 2021)
3/ Interns                          -- Started!     (Summer 2021)
4/ Full time schools         -- Soon!         (As soon as possible)
5/ Online training            -- Soon!         (After one full time school is started)

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