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John Martens (Vancouver)

President of Creation Point Ministries

John has a PhD in physics, a degree in Biblical studies, and a wealth of life experience. He has been a scientist, youth worker, schoolteacher, and a pastor, but his passion has always been for stories. He has written ten full length screenplays, including one commissioned by a Hollywood producer, and has a drawer full of 500 stories in various stages of progress. John has lived over thirty different places, including Paraguay, three Canadian Provinces and two American States.

The last leg of his long and winding road brought him to Vancouver, Canada where he served with a church plant, with a plan to meet in multiple locations and to make films. During his tenure with that church, John brought in 20+ mission teams from more than a dozen US states. These teams served the community in everything from camps to clubs to concerts. John also organized an extensive youth ministry that brought in over 700+ teenagers (95% had no Christian background) and 12 movie camps for over 300 young people (again, mostly unchurched kids).

While at this church, John wrote a feature-length film and recruited churches from Canada and the US to help, and hundreds of other volunteers from outside the church. These helped with the filming and provided free food, houses, cars, buildings, and even airplanes. When the movie was done, they held a Red Carpet premiere attended by over 300 people.

John Martens (Vancouver)
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