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Mikaela Martens (Vancouver)

Board Member

Mikaela was born in Texas and is a dual citizen of Canada and America. In her early life in Texas and Indiana, she was very active in theater – with singing and dancing – which included a starring role as Annie. Mikaela also loved movies and music videos even as a young child. Her favorite Christian singer was Carman, and her first movie was Star Wars – for which she knew every line.

Mikaela grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and saw the joys (and pains) of church work from the inside. When her parents moved to Metro Vancouver (Canada) to work on a church plant, Mikaela poured herself into service. She was a core part of the team that built a youth ministry that brought in over 1000 teenagers, mostly from non-Christian homes. In addition, she helped lead the many media camps offered as part of the church plant. She also – as a very young teenager, organized the extensive church outreach library program.

Now, Mikaela is a prolific reader who devours 150 books every year. Fortunately, she is also a librarian and has access to all the books she needs. But most of all, she loves movies. She knows every actor and the lines of most movies. When the Covid restrictions were lifted, she thought this should be a national holiday and wanted to spend the entire weekend living in the theater with her friends. Someday she would love to be able to minister to movie producers.

Mikaela Martens (Vancouver)
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