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Robert Vickers (Kansas)

Advisory Board

Robert Vickers was born and raised in Oklahoma and is the second oldest of six children. He experienced many hardships growing up including his parents’ divorce when he was nine and repeated abuse from inside and outside the family. He graduated high school from Enid High School and survived 2 armed robberies which led to his conversion experience.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion & Business from Oklahoma Baptist University, he completed a Master’s in Sociology at the University of Oklahoma, and all the coursework for a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is currently completing a Ph.D. from Oxford Graduate School. Prior to his academic career, Bob served as the youngest manager in the Zales Jewelry Corporation of 2,000 stores.

Bob is a writer, researcher, academician, instructor, author, philanthropist, nonprofit executive, and an entrepreneur of a variety of ministries. Bob has taught for 14 years at the University level including classes in political science, sociology, statistics, public administration, American government, and management. He has also written more than 42 books and training manuals and has written for many organizations/ministries including numerous International Mission Organizations. The common emphasis of his material and life's work is building Biblical characteristics into all types of relationships: marriage, family, dating, parenting, friendships, neighbors, church, community, and funding. He has trained more than 34,000 "Doers" (nonprofits, churches, community groups) and more than 3,400 "Donors."

Bob and his wife recently relocated to be closer to their children and grandchildren and in many ways are starting over. Bob sits on a variety of funding boards, has worked for three Presidential Administrations and more than 70 Governor's Initiatives.

Robert Vickers (Kansas)
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