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“Wonder Woman” changed how girls all over the world think about themselves. 

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Al Gore’s 2006 film shifted global policy, influenced countless scientists, and continues to dominate the lives of millions of young people.

If one movie can inspire a generation, imagine what a thousand stories every year could do! This is our vision. This is our dream. We seek to train, inspire, and equip students, churches, and like-minded groups to create stories of all styles, sizes and genre – stories that mold culture, open hearts, and encourage virtue – with the goal of seeding a revolution in storytelling that grows into worldwide spiritual awakening. In order to do this, we’ll develop our own film projects, and build multiple training/resource centers that will both on-site and off-site programs. We’ll start in Vancouver, Canada, then head to Georgia and make our way around the continent.

Hollywood North.png

Why Vancouver? Located just north of the State of Washington, Vancouver is Canada’s “Hollywood North” – home to a booming movies industry (X-Men, Juno, Mission Impossible, Twilight) and a pleura of TV shows (Supergirl, The Flash, Series of Unfortunate Events). Vancouver is also home to two hundred languages. People from all over the world seek out Vancouver to get an education or to enjoy the weather. We hope to tap into this unique city by placing a film school that specifically targets students from places like Hong Kong, India, Russia and Europe. We hope to draw students from all over the world, train them, empowering them, and send them out to touch the world with film.


And why Georgia? Just look at feature films and TV shows and start discovering where they are filmed. More often than not, it’s the Peach State. 

In each place we go, we’ll work with local churches and other production companies to create films, and we’ll build training centers. In this way we’ll expand and multiply. Alone, we might be able to create one film a year, but with thousands of students and hundreds of churches working with one goal in mind – imagine. 

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