In Vancouver we are working toward creating a feature film that will combine the expertise of professionals with the help of several local churches to create an exceptional product at a stunningly low cost.

Expected cost: $500,000.

Our first step is to create several micro movies. Some of these could be viewed as teasers for future shows, but we look at them as amazing fun little videos that showcase our creativity and abilities. We hope that these videos give you the confidence to support us in making our feature film.

Just like our big movie, each of these micro movies will have a highly creative story, will feel like a Hollywood film, will be shot by a professional cast and crew, and scored by a professional musician. Most will require sets and costumes, and some will have special effects and stunts.

We expect to learn a lot in making these videos and carry that knowledge into our big movie. We also expect to discover many talented people and work with many amazing volunteers that will come along with us to be part of our big productions. All of these micro-movies will be written and produced by John Martens, who will also be writing and producing our movies. And all of these micro movies will be directed by the same director who will also be directing our first few movies. By helping us with these productions you will help us with the movie.



Prayer Without Creasing


Time Travel On A Budget

The Box

Pastor Blaze.jpg

Pastor Blaze





The Weak Ones