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“WHY?” – the most important question in the universe! 

Before we embark on any project, we need to ask, “Why are we doing what we’re doing?”, “What needs are we addressing?”, and “Is this the most effective way?” 

The 10/40 window. 4 billion people. 97% of the world’s unreached.

Trying to pinpoint one problem in our world today is not an easy thing. Many of our problems seem to be interconnected, and new issues spring up out of nowhere. There are obvious global issues like poverty, hunger, and persecution. One billion people live in the “10/40 Window” where they suffer from starvation of body and soul. But problems are not limited to that area of the planet. Even in first-world countries, anger, depression, and anxiety have grown to frightening levels. Many young people believe there is no future for them. The specter of climate change or some other apocalypse fills them with dread. Why save, work and sacrifice when there is no hope? As a result, established social structures and moral values are being torn apart. Europe and America are being split along racial and political lines. An endless swamp of fears is pushing millennials en masse to the utopia of socialism. 

Religiously, the world is also in turmoil. While Islam is celebrated by the media and paganism is being reborn in the desert festivals of Burning Man, Christianity is impugned and ignored. This is ironic because a rebirth of The Way would offer answers for many of the world’s problems. It would provide virtues, values, racial healing, and personal peace. Sadly, Christianity also faces internal battles. Some of its celebrated leaders and too many of its young people are backing away from the church.

burning man.jpg

Is there a way to deal with all these problems? Is there a tool that could help us promote large-scale social change, open millions to the gospel, even cynical young people and powerful world leaders? Is there a path that we could walk that would reach into difficult places (like the 10/40 Window), stimulate and strengthen Christians, and open many eyes to the terrifying reality of the persecution of Christians? And is there one method that could help us in all these areas at once?

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