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Class Films

Our high school students work as a team to create videos together as a team. Each of our courses has about 100 hours of classes, and we spent about half that time working as a team to shoot short films. Each of these are created with existing locations, with zero budget, and with our students working both in front and behind the camera. Below are two examples.

Just Coffee

John wrote this simple dialogue to do 2 things: help the students practice the “180-degree Rule” and help the students see how you can put humor into almost any situation. In our classes we practice this (and similar) skits using a rotation of our students as actors, and with various students working the lights, camera, and sound. We also tried doing the same skit in several locations. This version is filmed in the snack bar at Maple Ridge Community Church.

The Book of Real Stories

What if we could open the Bible and actually fall into the stories? This is the premise one of my students came up with. She was never able to make the video, so we did it in her honor. We even named one of the characters after her! We filmed this during three classes, using Maple Ridge Baptist Church as our setting.

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