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David Clevenger (Florida)

Board Member

David is an entrepreneur, fitness trainer, health coach, martial artist, family man, composer, teacher, and movie maker.

David is innovative and hardworking in all aspects of his life. When the pandemic hit, making it impossible to operate his gym in Illinois, David relocated his family to Florida where he started a new business. Now he owns two gyms, and flies back and forth to take care of all the clients whom he personally coaches. David is also a master teacher. In addition to his work in fitness (where education and motivation are key components) David has also led over a dozen large film camps, where he instructs students on all facets of movie making. And finally, David is a devoted family man and man of faith. In addition to his wife and 5 children, David cares for an ailing grandmother. Plus, he regularly gives time to his church and other ministries.

One of David’s great passions is filmmaking. He has written, directed, and edited five (yes, “5”) feature length films, each of which he personally financed. But even while working on his own projects, he has always been willing to help others with theirs. He helped a high school student produce an entire TV show, scored (that is, wrote all the music for) several other full-length movies, and assisted various groups by writing, editing, and even acting. David’s oldest son has grown up in this healthy atmosphere and now wishes to be a filmmaker, and David is actively training him. David’s 5-year plan is to build his businesses to the point where he can become a more effective filmmaker and help groups like Creation Point Media & Ministries on a much more full-time basis.

David Clevenger (Florida)
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