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A World Map With Some Difficult To Reach Regions

We picked on a few diverse regions to illustrate the power of film (movies, TV shows or streaming) to reach anywhere in the world. The statements we made are of course very general and do not represent everyone in those regions. Click and read a little bit about that area.



We’re using England as an example of many other “western” nations. England once had a strong Christian presence, but no longer. The church is failing. London has far more mosques than churches. Among young people there is a growing love for atheism and a hatred for Christianity. Why? Just look at how Christianity is routinely attacked in the arts. No other faith is treated so badly. What other religious leader’s name is used as a swear word? And when was the last time you saw a Christian portrayed positively on the screen? We can change this. If we don’t, we will lose Europe permanently.


This area represents the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world, but the fastest-growing. Many Muslim countries are closed to missionaries and most Muslims are not interested in learning more about other faiths. However, they love movies and will get just as entangled in a gripping story as non-Muslims. That means that if we can learn to tell great stories and weave aspects of our faith into those stories, we can even touch the hearts of Muslims.


We chose this area to represent some of the less affluent areas of the world. But if you happen to visit some rural areas of Central America, you’ll still notice an unexpected number of cell phones. Plus, although they lack many of the amenities we’ve come to expect, some of the houses have solar panels to power their televisions. You see, all cultures, all people, all nations love stories. That means we can reach these groups as well, we just need to tell great stories.


As a country, India is exploding with people and creativity. Of the 1.5 billion beautiful souls in India, most are Hindus or Muslims, with only 50 million Christians. What makes this country fascinating for us is it’s love for movies. “Bollywood” releases about 1000 films a year, double the number that Hollywood creates. All this means is that we can reach India, we just need to learn to create some great stories. If we make it, they will watch it.


We’re using this area to represent some of the poorest on this planet. Some of these groups are illiterate. There are organizations that bring portable film equipment and show them movies like the Jesus Film. We could take some of our films, dub them into the local language, and give them to these organizations to use in their local outreach.

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